Monday, November 8, 2010

Rodeo's uncertain ancestry

This weekend I went to the Island Crossing trial at Joe and Heather Haynes' place in Arlington. I only made it down Sunday afternoon for a couple of hours, but I managed to see runs by Diane Pagel, Ruedi Birenheide, and several others.

Due to cold weather and rain, there weren't many handlers watching the runs, but I chatted with a few. Rodeo came with me and spent most of the time staring intently at the runs.

Ron Green asked me where he was from, and I told him I didn't know because we got him from a rancher, who in turn got him from the Everett Humane Society. Ron suggested he might be out of Basin Border Collies in Oregon, because he looks a lot like some of their dogs. I was intrigued because Rodeo is quite unique looking: his deep red color is distinctive as are his light blue eyes.

I emailed the breeder and she emailed back right away, saying that she only sold one puppy with light blue eyes, and it didn't have a split face like Rodeo. She is also in touch with everyone she's sold puppies to and accept puppies back that don't work out, so it's unlikely that one of hers would end up in the shelter.

Oh, well. It would be fun to know where he's from, but it's not particularly important. She did say that she's in touch with other breeders who specialize in red border collies, and offered to assist if we come up with any leads.

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