Monday, November 8, 2010

RIP Lilah

Lilah putting Rodeo in his place

Our household had some sad news this week. Our venerable cat, 20-year old Lilah, passed away. She died in the comfort of home, on our bed, where she has spent many a night. 

She was a tortoise shell pound cat that I adopted her just after I graduated from college, in 1990, in Indianapolis, Indiana, when I was working for a pharmaceutical company. She traveled with me to graduate school at Indiana University in 1992, then to New York City in 1995, then El Paso and Bellingham, Washington, both in 1996. In 2001 she traveled with me to Washington, DC, and then back to Bellingham in 2005. 

She spent most of her time indoors, but would venture outside when I let her, but always came back inside in an hour or so. In 2001, our long-haired tabby cat Scottie joined the household. She took about six months to accept him, but never got much past that. 

Lilah was the dominant force in our household, demanding attention when she wanted it and generally acting haughty when she didn't. When Rodeo came to live with us, she made it very clear that he was not to mess with her, so any herding he wanted to do would have to focus on Scottie. 

Despite her domineering ways, she was also a very sweet cat who provide much comfort during some difficult times. We'll miss her. 

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  1. Very touching post about Lilah. I am sorry, it's hard to lose a pet, especially after 20 years. That is a life time. Donna