Monday, July 2, 2012

Fun Trial

Recently I've gotten to know Janet, who owns a ranch with her husband close to Bellingham. They have generously invited me and the dogs to come out and train on their yearling dorset lambs, which has been a great opportunity for myself and for Rodeo.

Bonny has been out of commission lately following minor surgery, but she'll get her chance next time.

Janet has five border collies and has worked with Jamie Van Rhyn. Janet's dog Babe was bred to one of Jamie's dogs, and she has three pups from the litter: Brody, Prim, and Bruce. I spent some time last week working Rodeo in her small pen and got a chance to see all three of her dogs work, and they have a nice way about them -- pretty easy on their sheep and nice flanks. And very keen.

On Saturday, Janet invited us over for a training trial. She set up some obstacles and a small pen in a recently-mown field. The size was maybe 3/4 acre, a nice approximation of the upcoming Highland Games arena trial in Mt. Vernon.

Janet's friend Marny also stopped by along with Liz and Matt, who live near by and have sheep as well.

Janet's daughter Tammy worked Brody and had an effortless pen:

Brody was quit pleased with himself: 

Janet had a nice session with Prim with a pretty looking pen:

and Rodeo did a great job handling some tough lambs. One named Clark was particularly ornery and didn't care to be moved, but Rodeo put enough  pressure to move them without ever losing his head:

And did a nice job penning:

Janet promises more such practice trials, and I'm really looking forward to heading out there.