Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rocky Ewe pics

A couple of weeks ago at the Rocky Ewe trial, Diane Pagel asked me to spend a couple of hours with her 4-month old pup Reba, who is out of Scot Glen's Don and Diane's Lucy, to help socialize her. As you can see in the picture below, Reba is almost a mirror image of Rodeo.

Diane was kind enough to take some pictures of us. And now I know why Diane has such great shots on her website. I chose a spot for a picture and she said, "no, no, over there by the road." So I dutifully moved, and the background really enhances these pictures. Thanks, Diane!

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  1. Nice photos. You must have a wonderful bond with Rodeo. I personally like split-faced dogs, like Rodeo and Josie. Diane helped Josie do really good lengthy outruns and lifts. We did our first driving at her place.