Saturday, July 3, 2010

a poem

Away to Me
-by Jim Kling


The dog, hitherto poised at my side
Sprints away against the clock.
The tall grass confounds,
A low spot blocks his view,
But somewhere out there he knows
The sheep are waiting.

He spots them, lined up in a row,
Heads bowed forward,

Away, once more, he arcs out gracefully,
Head aligned with body in one seemless form,
Legs pumping, ears pricked, his eyes glued to the sheep.

They watch him, too, warily,
He’s behind them
And grudgingly they turn towards me.

They trot.
He follows, head low, intent
Ready to push a straggler
Or turn a wandering ewe.

“Steady,” I call, as the sheep come near.
They settle at my feet, browsing,
Content as the dog who watches them now.
The dog who brought them here,
To me.


  1. This is powerful. I could feel Rodeo's watchful eyes and energy. Your phrasing sets the scene perfectly. I really enjoy poetry and this has nice flow.

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed writing it and might even feel inspired again.